NFL rushing king Adrian Peterson doesn't have a problem with gay people.  Or does he?  Conflicting statements recently has many of us wondering exactly how he feels.


Today, A.P. was quoted as saying having a gay teammate "wouldn't bother me that much."  Last week though, Peterson said about gay marriage that he's "not down with that."


So which is it?  Does Adrian Peterson have issues with gay people or not?  Inquiring minds want to know!  I have only one question....




OK, I have more questions.  Why was Peterson even asked in the first place?  How did he somehow get in the firing line on this issue?  Why the heck is this even an issue?


Ever since Jason Collins came out of the proverbial closet a few weeks ago, people in the media seem to be trying to make being gay in sports such a big deal.  It's as if people are shocked that a seven foot tall black man could possibly be gay.  To take it one step further, it's as if people think anyone playing a professional sport couldn't possibly be gay. 


Does anyone honestly think that?  Are there some morons out there who never considered the possibility that some professional athletes aren't gay?  It's ludicrous to think that.


Look, I'm not gay.  I don't believe in gay marriage, but I don't personally believe there is anything wrong with being gay.  I don't play on that team, but like on Seinfeld, "not that there's anything wrong with it," is my philosophy.


I am also not foolish enough to think that there aren't professional athletes playing in team sports that are gay.  Just like the population, I'm sure there is a percentage who are.  I just have a problem with it being such a huge issue.  I also don't really need to know about it.


Why do people care about a particular athlete being gay any more than they care if a particular athlete likes to eat peanut butter sandwiches for lunch or if they like to wear pajamas to bed? 


Why do so many people want to praise Jason Collins for coming out and admitting he is gay?  What strength he has.  How refreshing his honesty is. 


By the same token, why do so many want to rip the character of someone like Adrian Peterson or Tim Hardaway for their thoughts and feelings about those who are gay?  All of us have different feelings about the issue.  There shouldn't be any wrong answers.  If you were brought up a certain way, you are going to have feelings either way.  It shouldn't make it wrong to feel that way.


I took more heat saying in a facebook comment that I wasn't in favor of gay marriage being passed in NY than anything else I have ever said.  I had a problem with people saying how I felt was wrong.  That I wasn't open minded.  That I wasn't tolerant.  I didn't have a problem with those who think gay marriage is ok though.  There is a difference.  I and many many others feel one way.  Many many others feel a different way.  It is what it is, and this "being a gay sports figure" should be a non issue.


I long for the day when an athlete can come out and proclaim their gayness, and everyone just collectively says, "Yawn...yeah, so what?  What do you want, a cookie?".  I also long for the day when prying media members stop asking other athletes what they think about it.


Many of us just don't want to know.  We just want to cheer for our teams, gay players or not.