QUESTION – Now that you got your wish and Tyrod Taylor will be Buffalo’s starting quarterback this season, will the Bills make the playoffs?

ANSWER – I’m more concerned about the defense than the offense. If the Bills finish in the top 10 in overall defense, I think they can win 10 games (factoring in the customary 0-2 record vs. Tom Brady’s Patriots) and make the playoffs.

QUESTION – What do you think about the early free-agent additions by the Bills?

ANSWER – Vey impressive. I especially like versatile defensive back Micah Hyde(green Bay defensive back)  and fullback Patrick DiMarco (Atlanta fullback). They were valuable members of playoff teams.

QUESTION -- Why is Tim Tebow in the New York Mets major-league spring training camp?

ANSWER – Sorry, I can offer no logical explanation. Tebow is taking at-bats away from real baseball players. He could play the sport very well –in high school. That was a long time ago. Now he should get on with doing things to benefit humanity. I’m not kidding. He has the potential to do some really significant things.

QUESTION – Do you still think Golden State is the team to beat in the NBA?

ANSWER – Not without Kevin Durant at 95-to-100 percent – and that seems unlikely for the Finals. Before Durant injured his knee, I thought the Warriors were better than ever. But Golden State unloaded Harrison Barnes, Andrew Bogut, Marreese Speights and Leandro Barbosa after last season to make room for him.  The lack of quality depth has been obvious during Golden State’s current 2-3 skid.

QUESTION – What is your combined over/under for home runs this Yankees season for young sluggers Gary Sanchez and Greg Bird?

ANSWER – 45. If they combine for at least 50 HRs, I believe the Yankees will make the playoffs.

QUESTION – Will wide receiver Brandon Marshall help the New York Giants?

ANSWER – Sure. QB Eli Manning will put up huge numbers throwing to Marshall, Odell Beckham Jr., and Sterling Shepard. But I think the Giants needed a big-time running back more than Marshall.

QUESTION – What is your reaction to the Buffalo Sabres reassigning Amerk captain Cal O’Reilly to the Toronto Marlies?

ANSWER – And hours before the Amerks were hosting the Marlies Wednesday night at Blue Cross Arena at the War Memorial…I’d call that a blatant insult to loyal fans of the Amerks. The Sabres owe you one (like a playoff team next season).

QUESTION – Are you impressed by how the Cleveland Browns are stockpiling prime draft picks?

ANSWER – Sure. But I’m sure Cleveland fans are hoping the Browns won’t become the NFL version of the NBA Philadelphia 76ers.

QUESTION – What do you think about the Pittsburgh Pirates playing a real “home game” in Williamsport, Pa., against the St. Louis Cardinals August 20 on ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball?

ANSWER – I don’t get the point, if there is one. I thought in-season games between MLB teams and their affiliates were much better way to for promote the sport countrywide. But the players got too powerful, forgot their roots and killed the exhibitions years ago.

QUESTION – What about Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers wanting to have his contract redone?

ANSWER – I’m in his corner. His current deal reportedly would pay him $13.65 million (2017), $20.9 million (2018) and $21.1 million (2019). If free-agent QB Mike Glennon is worth $15 million per year to the Chicago Bears (of course he is not), Rodgers is worth at least $25 million per year.

QUESTION – Does Syracuse deserve to make the NCAA Tournament?

ANSWER – Honestly, I don’t think so. Not with a 2-11 road record and some very bad losses. But I’d enjoy watching this entertaining team in the NIT. They’d be the potential March darlings of Madison Square Garden and could close the season on a positive note.

QUESTION – What do you think about the Alex Rodriguez/Jennifer Lopez romance rumors?

ANSWER – I think he is getting the better of that deal. Over/under six months.


This is the third season of the ECHL Elmira Jackals affiliation with the NHL Buffalo Sabres and AHL Rochester Americans.

This has been a lousy season for all three teams. Onward and upward?

Sabres (NHL) – 27-28-12 record…66 of 134 possible points…outscored 196-169 (-27)

Amerks (AHL) – 24-32-0-2 record…50 of 116 possible points…outscored 190-159 (-31)

Jackals (ECHL) – 12-38-7-1 record…32 of 116 possible points…outscored 220-130 (-90).

The bottom line – The Sabres are getting better and could make the playoffs next season with a few positive player moves…There is an overall lack of genuine prospects in the organization. There isn’t enough genuine AHL talent in Rochester or even more apparently ECHL talent in Elmira.


Friday, March 10 – Zach LaVine (22)…Ryan Nassib (27)…Tuukka Rask (30)…Martellus Bennett (30)…Kwame Brown (35)…Logan Mankins (35)…Shannon Miller (40)…Matt Kenseth (45)…Rod Woodson (52)…Andre Waters (55)…Pam Oliver (56)…Bobby Petrino (56)…Mitch Gaylord (56)…Austin Carr (69)…Sandra Palmer (76)…Sepp Blatter (81). Carrie Underwood (34) and Chuck Norris (77) are invited to the birthday party.

Saturday, March 11 – Anthony Davis (24)…Greg Olsen (32)…Lee Evans (36)…Dan Uggla (37)…Elton Brand (38)…Becky Hammon (40)…Shawn Springs (42)…Bobby Abreu (43)…Martin Rucinsky (46)…John Fina (48)…Bill Houlder (50)…Cesar Geronimo (69)

Sunday, March 12 – Marvin Jones Jr. (27)…Dont’a Hightower (27)…Mikko Koivu (34)…Casey Mears (39)…Isaiah Rider (46)…Raul Mondesi (46)…Rex Walters (47)…John Thompson III (51)…Steve Finley (52)…Steve Levy (52)…John Andretti (54)…Darryl Strawberry (55)…Matt Millen (59)…Dale Murphy (61)…Mark Moseley (69)…Bert Campaneris (76)…Johnny Callison (78)…Bronco Horvath (87). James Taylor (69), Mitt Romney (70) and Liza Minnelli (71) are invited to the birthday party.