This morning in Washington, the Supreme Court will begin its deliberation of gay marriage.

 In some three months time, this august body will tell us what the Constitution does or does not say about a supposed right of homosexual people to marry one another.
 In one regard, it will be a momentous decision.
 In another, it will be completely meaningless.
 It all depends on your definition of truth.
 And about what America’s current fascination with gay marriage says about its ancestors and roots.
 Because this change in fundamental human definition plays havoc with any concept of absolute truth, and it passes harsh judgment on the peoples, cultures and religions which have gone before. Specifically, it says they all were benighted and hatefully bigoted.
 Christianity, Islam and Judaism are a sham, the native cultures of Africa, Asia and America were all oppressive and homophobic, and the great men and great minds of yesterday were socially retarded and inferior to us.
 We are the most enlightened and advanced people of all time.
 If gay marriage is right.
 But if it is wrong, if cultures and millennia past had wisdom and insight, then it is we who are benighted, we who have arrogantly abandoned the ways of truth and right.
 If Moses and Mohammed were prophets, if Jesus was divine, if Martin Luther and John Wesley and John Paul II were inspired, if Albert Schweitzer, Marcus Whitman, Mother Theresa and Billy Graham were servants of God, then we are full of crap.
 And gay marriage is not liberation, it is licentiousness. Not the new morality, but the old immorality.
 See, you can’t embrace the new without disavowing the old. And embracing gay marriage requires disavowing the 4,000 years of recorded human opposition to it. So aberrant is this concept that for millennia humankind could not even conceive of it.
 From the remotest corner of human habitation to the complex civilizations of the Greeks and the Egyptians, the Persians and the British, the Romans and the Incas, in all those places over all those years humankind knew no such thing as gay marriage, and taught – regardless of civilization or religion – a marital and family unit built upon the foundation of a man and a woman.
 That is what the native people of the Arctic taught, it is what the great cultures of Europe lived, what was practiced in the successive dynasties of China and Japan, what was taught to youngsters in the myriad tribes of Africa, what was modeled by the peoples of Native America, and recorded in the sacred books of Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Hinduism.
 And now, we disavow them all.
 They were closed-minded bigots, inferior savages whose wisdom and faith were flawed and defective.
 Over all those generations, and all those years, all the great philosophers and writers and preachers, they all got it wrong.
 Shakespeare blew it. Plato and Aristotle were clueless. Freud missed this one. No one putting pen to paper was smart enough to come up with this.
 Which makes us very, very smart.
 Or very, very dumb.
 We have, in our day, declared that God is wrong and that, therefore, there is no God. Because a god whose morality is inferior to our own is no god indeed. For two thousand years the Christian God got it wrong.
The Judaic God was off for four or six thousand years. The Allah of Islam has led his people astray for 1,400 years. Father Abraham, revered by a large percentage of the world’s peoples, was full of crap.
He worshipped a God who discriminated.
 He worshipped a God who lied.
 If gay marriage is right.
 If gay marriage is right, there is no such thing as absolute truth.
Absolute truth – which never changes and always stands – has been replaced with situational truth, which is no truth at all. Truth today is determined by pollsters and elections and, soon, the Supreme Court.
 We have dismissed the wisdom of the heavens and the wisdom of the ages, and we rely upon our own understanding.
 We don’t respect the past, we spit in its face.
 It is an unavoidable conclusion. If gay marriage is fine, than it has always been fine, and those who have taught against it have been ignoramuses and bigots. They and the causes and cultures in which they bore sway must be denounced and rejected and wrong and bankrupt.
 The churches have all been wrong, the imams have all been wrong, the Torah has all been wrong, the preaching of all of organized religion, for centuries on end, was wrong.
 And you can’t get bad fruit off a good tree.
 If these cultures and faiths taught falsehood, then they are themselves false.
 If gay marriage is right.
 But if it is wrong, if the wisdom of the ages really is wisdom and the fad of today is nothing more than the folly of yesterday, then it is not the past which is wrong.
 It is the present.
 Christianity has not been enlightened, it has been abandoned. Cultures and civilizations that circled the world were not wrong, we are wrong.
Truth is not found in public-opinion polls, it is found in the heavens.
 Because both can’t be right.
 Our cultural and religious heritage cannot be legitimate and gay marriage be legitimate, because the two are mutually exclusive. It is a case of one or the other: The collective wisdom of humankind and its traditional religions, or the current obsession with gay marriage.
 Pick one.
 But you can’t have both.
 No matter what the Supreme Court decides.