Over the weekend, in this era of inclusion, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said conservatives “have no place in the state of New York.”
Specifically, people who are “right-to-life, pro-assault-weapon, anti-gay.” 
They should go someplace else.
They not only have no place in the public discourse, they have no place here.
That’s what it’s come to. 
We have a president who routinely mocks and demonizes people who disagree with him politically, and now the governor is doing the same. He doesn’t disagree with people, he damns them. He declares them sub-human, their ideas and values below the level of acceptable discourse.
There is freedom of conscience and speech in New York, as long as it falls within the parameters established by the governor.
He issued his “no place in the state of New York” edict while appearing on public broadcasting – where tax money pays the bills and assures the “objectivity.” His office quickly clarified that the governor was only speaking about candidates for office, that they were the ones who had no place here.
Which means that the people who support them deserve no representation or voice, and cannot be present in either public debate or public governance.
Which means, again, Andrew Cuomo wants conservatives out of his New York.
Again, his definition of conservative is anybody who is pro-life, pro-Second Amendment or anti-gay marriage.
Basically, the only people he hates are Christians and Americans, or the people who hold to the values of traditional Christianity and Americanism.
If your religion or your conscience teaches you to oppose abortion, get the hell out. If you think that you’ve got a right to the assault rifle in your gun safe, get the hell out. If you hold to the teachings of 1,990 years of mainstream Christianity, get the hell out.
If you’re not going to vote for Andrew Cuomo, get the hell out.
There’s no place in New York for you.
Freedom of conscience, speech and political representation do not extend to Republicans. The views held by more than 100 million Americans have no place in New York, its politics or its public discussions.
At least that’s what Andrew Cuomo thinks.
And here’s what I think.
Andrew Cuomo can go screw himself.
I was here first.
Specifically, my family, and people like me, were here long before his family showed up on the shores of the Empire State. Further, the broad stretches of New York whose culture he has just condemned aren’t about to quit the state or rejigger their values to satisfy the little caesar. 
His efforts to alienate us and disenfranchise us from a state that’s just as much ours as it is his aren’t going to silence us, they are going to enrage us. It is our God who informs our views on abortion and marriage, not our governor. And it is our Constitution which defines our right to bear arms, not our governor.
And he, in fact, is not our governor.
Not if he treats us that way.
If he doesn’t want us, then we don’t want him. If he doesn’t understand his duty as a governor to represent and serve us, then we don’t understand our duty as citizens to follow or obey him.
Like I said, Andrew Cuomo can go screw himself.
We are the people who make this state work. We pay its taxes and 
carry his lunacy on our backs. We are the beasts of burden whipped by this little man shouting, “More, more!” We hold up this ramshackle state, and he hates us for our beliefs.
And his war on our faith and our freedom is going to be met like all despotic assaults on American liberty.
And let’s be clear, his declaration that officials representing our views “have no place in the state of New York” is an act of war on our faith and freedom. The old ladies don’t march in front of the abortion clinics because of their politics, they do it because of their faith. And my assault rifle is not my hobby, it is my freedom.
And Cuomo is not my governor, he is my enemy.
By his own declaration.
People who believe as I believe are so marginalized by this governor that his mocking – on a broadcast paid for by our tax dollars – is no surprise to us. We are the underclass of New York, the second-class citizens who are both oppressed and resented, demonized and hated. We are conservatives, and we are the enemies of the state.
The governor does not try to persuade us, he does not try to cajole us, he does not make an affirmative argument for what he believes in, he simply says that we have no place. He issues a philosophical eviction notice.
The petty tyrant taxes and regulates us into servitude to his cancerous government and then shouts us into silence if our views depart from his orthodoxy.
Well, that’s not New York and that’s not America.
And he can go screw himself.
Because we’re not going anywhere.