Here’s what you do about the kids coming across the border.

You put them on a plane, fly them back to their own countries, and turn them over to their own governments.

And you make sure there are plenty of TV cameras to record the event. You make sure the whole world knows that the welcome mat is at the front door, and anybody sneaking in the back door is going to be deported immediately.

Show the world that we are not the hemisphere’s EBT card.

That’s what common sense says.

But we don’t live in a common-sense world. We live in an Obama world. And the line for the Dream Act is getting longer by the moment.

Because of permissive Obama attitudes about illegal immigration, we’re getting more illegal immigration. Specifically, we are facing a tidal wave of minors presenting themselves at the border volunteering to be taken into custody.

It’s more than 50,000 so far this year, with a dramatic surge in recent weeks. Somehow, we are supposed to believe, tens of thousands of unaccompanied children make their way more than 1,000 miles from the heart of Central America, through the heart of hostile Mexico, in order to sneak into America.

Interestingly, they do this without either wearing out or soiling their clothes. Or losing weight or scuffing their shoes. Further, they are all well groomed, the girls with clean, nicely fashioned hair and the boys with tidy, fresh haircuts.

It doesn’t make any sense.

Lies seldom do.

And somebody is lying to someone about this entire matter.

But it is what it is. Part of the demographic flush of the United States is the wholesale importation of a linguistically and culturally alien people. Part of making America a Third World country is importing a Third World population.

And this is about that.

To take the edge off, instead of adults, we’re importing children. Our natural sympathy for children, and our desire to help them, stifles criticism and compels a welcome.

And so it is that the American taxpayer, whose government borrows 40 cents of every dollar it spends, is rushing hundreds of millions to relief programs for underage invaders.

All without any sort of intelligible plan.

If their parents can be found, the children will be forwarded to them at taxpayer expense. If their parents are illegally in the United States, the children will be brought to them. Instead of deporting the whole family, we will sign the children up for every welfare benefit there is leave the family together to mooch off the American dream.

You don’t just give welfare to the lazy people of America, you give welfare to anyone in the world with the audacity to cross the border and demand it.

The junior-Democrat, voter-recruitment plan is in full swing and soon these prospective progressives will be coming to a shelter near you.

Which is another place where this gets weird.

After filling up a couple of military installations, the federal government has begun looking to disperse the illegal juvenile aliens throughout the country.

But it is looking in an oddly asinine way.

In the area of upstate New York, for example, the federal government has overlooked many likely properties to focus on wholly unsuited properties.

Like a giant windowless warehouse with two toilets and no kitchen.


Last Friday, the federal government met with a property manager about renting, for the purpose of housing children, a hulking metal building once used for Kodak manufacturing. It is smack in the middle of an industrial park and surrounded by manufacturing and warehousing operations.

Another property looked at was a resort spa not far from Niagara Falls with no potential vacancies for months to come.

And then yesterday word came from a congressman that the government is considering a long-empty Wal-Mart store.

A Wal-Mart.

What sort of idiocy makes anyone think that an empty big-box is a suitable domicile for any people under any circumstances?

Making this whole thing more freakishly insane is the fact that in the same region there are large residential facilities – with showers and bathrooms and kitchens and classrooms – empty or emptying at two state psychiatric centers, two state prisons and one large school for juvenile delinquents.

Empty residential facilities with all the necessary infrastructure being ignored, while Uncle Stupid’s men hunt up warehouses and empty Wal-Marts.

None of it makes any sense.

But it is metastasizing.

The flood of cultural and linguistic invaders continues, and we are paying for it. Our borders and our laws mean nothing, and the flood of junior illegals only keeps growing.

While our president refuses to send them home.

There is only one right way to handle this – to hand these children over to their home governments.

Other people’s children are not our problem. We cannot let our sympathy for them facilitate their parents’ theft of our taxes or our country.

Send them home.

Their home, not ours.