Why does Paul Ryan think you're an idiot?

 As a conservative, why does he treat you like you're a mental defective?

 I'm talking about this stunt with the Obamacare and the Planned Parenthood.

 A couple of weeks after sticking it to you with his budget deal, he struts around like he's God's gift after passing meaningless bills that have no chance of becoming law. Republicans in the House and Senate voted to eliminate Obamacare and to defund Planned Parenthood.

 Then they flooded you with tweets and press releases telling you how courageous they were.

 Paul Ryan went so far as to say that this is “why you sent Republicans to Washington.”

 This is where I figure he must think you're an idiot.

 Because only an idiot would think for half a moment that what the Republican leadership of the House and Senate did was anything other than a self-serving political stunt.

 I'm not surprised when Democrats think conservatives are morons. But it rubs me the wrong way when my own party starts acting that way.

 Obviously, Barack Obama was going to veto anything that endangered Obamacare or Planned Parenthood. Obviously, there weren't enough votes anywhere to override the veto. So, obviously, there was no practical purpose achieved by passing the bills. They were a stunt, a whoring of the legislative process for the purpose of political grandstanding.

 They gave conservative Republicans a chance to thump the pulpit and tell us how hard they fought to overturn evil Obamacare and even-more-evil Planned Parenthood. They also gave Republicans in swing districts a chance to vote against them and demonstrate “independence” from party leadership.

 They even gave Democrats a chance to cast votes of opposition, positioning themselves as bulwarks against GOP extremists.

 Everybody wins.

 Except you and me and the cause of truth.

 Because Americans aren't dying in Afghanistan so our government can be turned into a three-card Monte con. And we didn't give Republicans control of the House and the Senate to grandstand and showboat.

 And we're not so frigging stupid that we didn't notice how in the budget deal – which did get signed – they gave extra money to Planned Parenthood, while in the recent stunt – which didn't get signed – they stripped money from Planned Parenthood.

 The best way to avoid responsibility for doing something is to pretend that you're doing just the opposite.

 And the best way to stay in power is to not treat the people who put you there like they're mouth-breathers who will fall for any lie you tell them.

 We don't want a dog and pony show, we want to get things done. We recognize that with a Democrat president, some things will not be possible. We'll try to fix that next Election Day. But until then, do what you can do.

 And try to find something a little more substantive to focus your attention on.

 Yes, Obamacare sucks, but you pretended to eliminate it without fashioning a replacement for it. And your feigned lambasting of Planned Parenthood reeks of nothing more than the exploitation of a wedge issue. The Democrats crow about guns – to get both sides fired up – and the Republicans talk about Planned Parenthood – for the very same reason.

 All Paul Ryan has done is pit people against one another, lighting a fire under the purists of both parties. That's not about guiding the country, that's about winning the election. That's about making the first action of his speakership be a political manipulation, a partisan ploy.

 It energizes people for the election, stoking their political passions in order to exploit them for votes and donations.

 And that's not right.

 Or what we want.

 And the only person who would fall for it is a fool. A dunce. An idiot.

 And that's what Paul Ryan must think you are.

 He goes RINO on the budget deal, serving essentially as Obama's financier in chief. Then he goes for a make good with the preposterous assertion that a meaningless legislative charade shows his true colors.

 That's a bunch of crap.

 Because Jesus said: By their fruits ye shall know them.

 And thus far the fruits of Paul Ryan are a real deal that delivered what the Democrats wanted, and a legislative stunt that left conservatives with nothing.

 And that's what we're grateful for.


 Because that's what the new speaker has done for the conservatives who gave his party power.