I have seen criminals who are convicted of heinous crimes treated with dignity, a sometimes unpleasant sight, but one which stems from the Founding Father’s belief that the government must remain civilized even when we are tempted to forget the principles upon which this great country was founded. Recently, we saw a former police Captain, who, to the best of my knowledge has always treated those around him with courtesy and respect, and has never previously been accused, much less convicted of any criminal conduct-marched before a parade of surreptitiously gathered television cameras.

He was publicly humiliated as he was marched across exchange Boulevard despite voluntarily surrendering when asked to do so. I wonder why he was treated with less dignity than our society has bestowed upon convicted murderers or rapists. When one is asked to surrender-and does so voluntarily-he keeps his pact with society-and  any assumptions that he or she is unwilling to cede control to law enforcement  necessarily falls by the wayside. Once that person has complied with his end of the bargain, his pact with society-in this case our government's  request to voluntarily give up his freedom, any doubt he will act within the confines of control is gone. Despite this, this man was handcuffed-not just handcuffed- but handcuffed behind his back and marched in a televised perp walk which serves no legitimate purpose whatsoever. I have never seen someone voluntarily surrender at the requested location, only to find out that it is not where they would be taken into custody, but merely a staging area for a public media frenzy.  If the rumors that the defendants cordially spent an hour with those who requested their surrender , and suddenly learned that they would be physically restrained and treated in a manner which society reserves for those who truly pose an imminent threat of violence to their custodians is an embarrassment to all of us. This man was and is presumed to be innocent. To say he was suckered into being pilloried in public after keeping his pact with society is an understatement. It is unacceptable, especially after "off the record" emails to the press stationed cameras to maximize the benefit of public embarrassment.  At the very least this should be reserved for those convicted by a jury of their peers based upon evidence which is beyond a reasonable doubt. This conduct was paid for by our taxes. Whether money was wisely spent on this investigation and prosecution will not be known for quite some time. The inability to accept this conduct requires no wait whatsoever.