The new PR campaign calling for the repeal of New York’s scaffold law is not only disingenuous, it is absolutely misleading. This merely proves that enough money behind a statewide campaign can cause the public to be misled on a massive scale, with complete “misinformation”.  It is intentional, and it is dishonest, if not downright corrupt. It is  even claimed that the law which protects construction workers “causes more injuries.”  I can’t remain silent in the face of boldface lies.

Let’s put a name on the issue. Dan stood where he was told to stand by his bosses. No safety equipment was provided whatsoever. Worse, the powers that be didn’t even nail the four small pieces of wood in place to protect him, and he fell, crushing his spine and face. Dan will never walk again.  During the case, documents surfaced falsely claiming that a safety meeting took place which never, in fact, happened. Let’s be generous and call it a “mistake. “Three law firms were hired to deny, and delay. Even after we won, the case was appealed before payment was finally made.
The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states construction labor is one of the most dangerous jobs in America.  Each day two workers die from falling off ladders, roofs, or scaffolds. Another worker dies after being struck by a falling object, i.e. a brick falling off a scaffold.
This is the same wealthy interest group  that eventually won repeal the Illinois Structural Work Act and repealing that law contributed significantly to an unsafe environment. Construction work is inherently dangerous; one of the most hazardous in the US. For 88 years, Illinois law protected construction workers.  After special interest groups, looking to maximize profits at the expense of innocent workers, spent millions for lobbyists, it was repealed, destroying incentives for owners and contractors to ensure safe working conditions. Injuries there have now increased dramatically.
Construction workers perform their jobs at treacherous heights. Workers are not always aware of others’ tasks. A single distraction could be deadly.
Now we face the same special  interest groups amassing huge money to repeal OUR  Scaffold Law which makes safety a priority. The strict nature is designed to allow safety to take precedence over profits. In construction, time is money. Short cuts on safety save money. Only the naive believe corporations will gratuitously ensure safety over profit.

These commercials  misstate existing law. If a worker causes the injury because they don’t use or misuse a safety device, or are drunk, there is no recovery. To say otherwise is to simply repeat false propaganda. Taxpayers will pay for this if we don’t allow recovery from those responsible, when the cost is borne by  Worker’s Comp, Medicare, and Medicaid. When a lawsuit succeeds, all three are paid back. What the author portends to save on one end simply shifts the cost to the taxpayer. Eliminating legal protection harms us all, and only increases profits of those in the position to eliminate the risk, and fully insure for their own protection.  The scaffold law does not impose absolute “liability,” it imposes an absolute “duty.” Owners and contractors can’t use the excuse “I hired someone else to take care of that.” Otherwise you’d be paying for Dan’s care.