It's hard not to become overwhelmed when reading the news, watching television, and sometimes even listening to the news here on WHAM 1180.  We sometimes forget that the majority of our fellow Americans are good, decent, hard-working people who help each other in a crisis. Just yesterday a family in another state who had been devastated by flooding, and who lost their home, became overwhelmed when the entire town showed up with clothing for their children, furniture for their new dwelling, and supplies to help them regain a sense of decency and stability in their day-to-day life. Right here people are descending on Camp Good Days- volunteering to pitch in to help those kids who hear the three words that no kid should ever hear. Unfortunately news of such intrinsically good behavior does not get the attention it deserves in our media, regardless of whether it is social media, print journalism, television, or radio.

There are those who are determined to utilize the most vicious and vile occurrences in our society for their own financial gain. There's one woman in particular who consistently talks about child abductions and murders, and who constantly sensationalizes isolated acts which are completely horrific-as she watches her ratings climb and  her bank account swell. In my opinion she is increasing the likelihood of such tragedies in the future, while she claims to be trying to help victims. It’s obvious that  due to the fact that she's becoming rich by doing so she could care less.  Unfortunately, because capitalism is the key to such abuses of the First Amendment, we must utilize capitalism to curtail it, rather than limit our freedoms under the First Amendment. Let's face it, we all enjoy the fact that the American Dream still lives- meaning that we can start at the bottom and climb to the top. The incentive we have as individuals to succeed, to prosper, to care for our families and loved ones, and to be the best that we can possibly be is an overwhelming innate drive which makes this country great. Conversely, when we find someone who abuses our freedom we must speak out and let it be known that we will not tolerate it. Most importantly, we must use our power to deny profits to those who are so reprehensible as to take advantage of the freedom this great country enjoys. Nothing stops a billboard lawyer faster than getting no business from the billboard. Nothing stops a grotesque television show  than a drop in ratings. Nothing stops immoral conduct by an individual or a corporation more effectively than eliminating their bottom line profit. Don't be afraid to speak out. Don't be afraid to criticize. And don't be afraid to let those who would harm our children by exposing them to graphic violence, or who sensationalize tragedy for their own profit, know that you will do all within your power to keep anyone you can communicate with from buying their products, watching their sleazy show, or from hiring a law firm that you know in your gut chases ambulances.