The speaker’s platform faced the cemetery and the makeshift graves.  Edward Everett was the famous orator – the speaker of the day.  He spoke for two hours and the photographers took apart their cameras.  When the second speaker arose, he simply took two pieces of paper out of his pocket.  Because he only spoke for two minutes, the photographers never caught the speech on film.  He left there feeling a failure.  Newspapers criticized the address as unworthy, and some didn’t even mention it.  As Lincoln left, he was convinced that he had failed, despite having delivered one of the greatest speeches in the history of mankind.  If the person who held our country together against all odds gave himself so little credit for the Gettysburg Address, perhaps we should give ourselves the benefit of the doubt when we feel as if we are failing.  This is Bob Brenna Junior from the law firm of Brenna and Brenna, giving tribute to one of the greatest leaders the world has ever known.