As the title of this blog implies, when the time comes to help a spouse
or parent or any other loved one into a nursing home-you must be prepared  to advocate zealously for that person's well-being. Do not be shy. Make certain to ask appropriate questions and also to alert the long-term care facility to any prior falls or even mere risk of falls of which you may be aware. Also insist that they conduct a fall risk assessment independently without regard to whether or not you are aware of any potential risks or prior falls. It is crucially important that any dietary needs are contemplated far beyond mere allergies or other restrictions or needs of which you may already be aware. For example, insist that they perform the various required tests which must be conducted, depending on the person's age and medical status, to properly ascertain the person's ability to swallow certain types of food. This can become a very crucial matter. Sadly, our nursing home and wrongful death litigation experience has included circumstances where the patient has choked to death do the facility's failure to conduct such testing, or to then carry out the necessary protective dietary compliance.

The decision to make the move into a facility is difficult enough, but it will be easier if you take the time to comprehend the right questions to ask, and to insist that safeguards are put in place to protect the person you love.