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Everyday: 10am - 6pm
Established in 1984, Grossman's Country Nursery came to life out of a ten acre corn field. The Grossman homestead was built in the center of the property in 1983. Little did I know people would call it the 'Little House on the Prairie'. A log home of all things...go figure. So for the first thirteen years I designed and constructed one project at a time. One project, one crew, one client.
Being schooled at the University of New Hampshire and the University of Maine in Plant and Soil Science, I started growing our own perennials, shrubs, trees in containers and finally trees in the field. As the projects continued, so did the publics attention to the nursery. After years of asking, 'Do you sell those plants to the public?’ the brick finally hit me in the head and the retail garden center was started around 1987. That same year we bought another ten acres to make up the twenty acre nursery we are today. Our first crop of trees were harvested in 1991, the year of Rochester's major ice storm. Fortunately my schooling paid off. We never lost a tree from the field and we planted close to 600 trees with in the Rochester area that year.
The garden center as you see it today has grown quite a bit. The original garden center is now our perennial department. The little log building was our first store. The brick walks I built one brick at a time have stood the test of time and meander you through the tables of perennials at a leisurely pace. As the nursery grew so did many of our departments. Clients would ask for garden art and accessories to go with their patios, decks and garden designs.  So fortunately for me and you, I married Frances in 1994. With her guidance our garden art department was created. Little did she know she would soon leave her job and work full time at the nursery. Maybe she knew before I did and just decided not to tell me her real motive!  Putting that aside, the greenhouses that are attached to the 'new' store were built in 1997. Our new store was originally a barn to store equipment for the landscape crew. In 2003, we turned the barn into a 'real' store, added the check out area, covered walkways to lead you through the different departments, and additional greenhouses out back to grow more plants and flowers everyone was asking for.  
As we approached 2005 and 2006, what was put aside while our retail store grew, the design build was started back up again. Ever since it has been like the faucet that never shut off. And so here we are come full circle...well just a slightly larger circle. We grow all our own annuals and field grown trees. We provide a full range of perennials, container trees and shrubs. The garden art department has grown to include exclusive lines of furniture, home accents and garden art.
And now, 25 years later, it is time to refresh & renew...again! We have a new name, Grossmans Garden & Home, but we still have the same commitment to provide you with our homegrown flowers, trees, shrubs, garden art & furniture. Providing you with easy & fun gardening solutions to make your outdoor lifestyle come alive with color is our passion & privilege. 
Even after all these years & the exciting changes & transitions that have occurred, there are some things that never change. I still design one project at a time. One project, one crew, one client. Frances and I are blessed with a team of individuals who share our enthusiasm for all things garden. They are passionate about what they do. They have allowed us to dream and figure out what is on the horizon for Grossmans Garden & Home.
We are most thankful for all of you who have patronized us over the years. We would not be had it not been for you. We look forward to seeing you in the nursery where we love 'Bringing the joy of gardening home to you!'…LG