WHAM-AM was licensed by the Federal Communications Commission to provide quality broadcast programming, including emergency weather alerts, regional sports and other information, to listeners and fans within a large, interference-free coverage area. WHAM is specially authorized and equipped to reach our listeners in farther out and remote areas during the hours before sunrise and after sunset and throughout the night, offering listeners programming they might not otherwise receive, including  The Bob Matthews Show, Kimberly & Beck, Savage Nation with Michael Savage, Syracuse Sports, NCAA and NFL broadcasts.

The FCC is now proposing to reduce Newsradio WHAM 1180s protected service area, making it very difficult for many of our listeners to receive our programming, especially at night and during early morning and evening drive times. 

If you rely on and enjoy our programming and do not want to lose access during drive-time and nighttime hours, here’s how you can help.  Please sign our petition below, which will be submitted to the FCC.  Please encourage your friends and family members to do the same.  Sign the petition today and let the FCC know you value our programming and don’t want to lose access to it at night. With your help, we can preserve WHAM’s nighttime coverage and continue to serve all of our valued listeners throughout the NewsRadio WHAM 1180’s entire current service area.