Monroe County N.Y.- The State Comptroller says an audit involving Monroe County and how it has handled a contract to manage its golf courses has raised a red flag.

Tom DiNapoli says that mismanagement has cost taxpayers here $250,000.

The audit claims the County hired a company called Tindale Incorporated back 1997 to manage the Churchville, Durand Eastman and Genesee Valley courses. DiNapoli says the County failed to enforce the contract and course conditions were left to deteriorate.

The audit shows Tindale was supposed to spend taxpayer dollars on the overall upkeep of the courses.

DiNapoli say instead, the company pocketed the money for their own use.





In response to a report from the State Comptroller concerning the county's contract dealing with the county's Golf courses, Monroe County Chief Financial Officer Robert Franklin and Director of Parks Lawrence A. Staub, Jr. today issued the following statement:


"Today’s report covers no new ground from the leak of the Comptroller’s draft weeks ago, so the final product remains flawed and laced with trivial criticisms. We understand the Comptroller feels the need to make headlines in an Election year, but it’s a stretch to suggest course experience was diminished by grievances as minor as the availability of Snickers at snack stands. The County looks forward to restructuring course management - a plan that was finalized a year prior to this report - in addition to choosing a new vendor through a competitive selection process in the near future.