Brockport N.Y.-  Strong West Emergency will open its doors at 8 a.m. Tuesday morning. It will usher in the return of a 24-hour emergency care facility in the Brockport area. 

The New York State Department of Health has signed off on plans for the off-campus Emergency Department at UR Medicine's Strong West site in Brockport.

 The West side has been without emergency services since Lakeside Memorial Hospital closed its doors . That happened back in the of spring 2013.

The Off-campus Department will offer acute emergency care for patients around the clock, seven days a week. Unlike urgent care centers, this department will be able to accept patients brought in by an ambulance.

The center will also be staffed by a physician 24 hours a day. S

hould a patient require more intensive care and hospitalization, they will be treated and then transferred to Strong of Highland Hospital or to a facility of their choosing.