(13WHAM )Middlebury, N.Y .- A man from Wyoming County is charged with 44 counts of animal abuse after authorities discovered dozens of dogs at the end of his driveway, crammed into three crates.

On Thursday, the Wyoming County Sheriff’s Office arrested Joseph C. Wenzel Jr., 54, of Middlebury.

He’s charged with animal abuse and falsely reporting.

Police said on April 28, Wenzel Jr. called 911 stating someone dropped off 50 Chihuahuas in cages at the end of his driveway on Friday.

He said the animals had been fed and they were contained.

The next day, Wyoming County Animal Control Officers and Sheriff’s Deputies removed 44 dogs from the residence.

One dog was deceased. Most of the dogs were found to be in poor health with problems ranging from heart murmurs, matted fur and bad teeth.

After an investigation, police said they determined the dogs were dropped off Friday morning by Wenzel's father after a City of Batavia Officer was at his residence.

Authorities said 77-year-old Joseph Wenzel Sr., of Batavia, later told officers he could not take care of the dogs.

Police said Wenzel Sr. was charged with 44 counts of animal abandonment.