(13WHAM ) Irondequoit, N.Y. - A referendum on whether Irondequoit should borrow up to $13 million to fund a new library passed by an overwhelming margin Tuesday night.

The vote passed by a margin of about 1,600 votes. 64 percent of voters (3,651 votes) approved the measure. 36 percent (2,033 votes) opposed the plan.

The bond resolution will allow one large centralized library to be built next to the Irondequoit Town Hall at Kings Highway and Titus Avenue.

Irondequoit currently has two smaller libraries on opposite sides of town and the new library will replace the two.

Under the proposal, taxes for the average Irondequoit homeowner will go up about $29 over the next 30 years.

The final design of the building still needs to be approved and the library board hopes to break ground in the spring of 2014.