Rochester, N.Y. – It’s no reason to replace all of the copper pipes in your home but researchers at the University of Rochester Medical Center have indicated that copper may speed up the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

Copper is naturally found in many fruits, vegetables, nuts and red meats and Dr. Rashid Deane who spearheaded the study says that the accumulation of copper where the brain and the blood vessels meet causes damage making Alzheimer’s worse. “The blood brain barrier doesn’t only accumulate copper it accumulates lead and mercury as well” however copper causes the specific damage making Alzheimer’s worse.

Alzheimer’s disease has no cure which is why Deane says it is important for those more susceptible to do what they can to slow it down. With “copper being quite ubiquitous” in our food and water “it is usually quite rare to have a copper deficiency.”

More information about the specific findings study and methods used can be found on their website.