Rochester, N.Y. – A new partnership is being forged at the Strong Museum of Play. Another national hall of fame honoring toys will be moving in alongside the one already at the Strong Museum; this one to honor those individuals behind the toys.

Museum officials say the National Toy Hall of Fame housed at the museum is being combined with the Toy Industry Hall of Fame.

Past inductees include Milton Bradley, Frederick August Otto Schwarz and George Lucas, for their significant contributions to the North American toy industry.

The existing display will come down in early 2014 and will be revamped to the tune of $4 million in private funds.  The goal is to have the new exhibit opened by the Fall of 2015.

Officials say the new exhibit will still feature all the toys that have been inducted to the national toy hall of fame while adding a 100’ by 20’ LED screen, an orientation theatre at the entrance of the hall to give an overview of the combined exhibits and five new interactive displays.

The improvements are expected to provide a boost in tourism.