(13-WHAM & WHAM News) Two Rochester Gas & Electric workers rescued a man from a fire on Weyl St. Wednesday afternoon. 

Harold Mathis heard a loud noise and saw smoke just before 1 p.m. He tried to walk out of his second-floor apartment front door, but couldn’t see through the smoke. He tried to open a window, but it was stuck. He went out onto a porch and screamed for

Neighbors, who had already called 911, flagged down an RG&E van.  

“I was hollering and screaming and when my neighbors saw me and heard me and they stopped the RG&E van with a ladder on it,” Mathis said. “He put the latter up and saved my life.” 

“He looked like he wanted to jump because the smoke was still coming,” said RG&E worker Efrain DeJesus. “So me and Harry (Reese) went to the truck, got the ladder, put it up and brought him down. It was just instinct.” 

Firefighters got to the scene soon after Mathis was rescued. The cause of the fire, which started on the first floor, is under investigation.