Rochester N.Y.- It's five years to the day that Gates-Chili student Brittanee Drexel vanished without a trace during a spring break trip to Myrtle Beach.

 Friend Katelyn Stein remembers 17 year old Brittanee as very smart, very beautiful and always with a lot of friends.

Katelyn is planning a baloon launch to mark the anniversary tonight at 6 at Charlotte Beach.

 She says Brittanee's mom, Dawn Drexel, is in Myrtle Beach for the anniversary.

 Meanwhile, Police in Myrtle Beach, meanwhile, haven't given up solving Brittanee's disappearance.

 Police Captain David Knipes says three investigators are assigned to the case and it is still generating leads.

Knipes adds that new technology is being used to re-examine old evidence including DNA and cell phone tower data.