New York City, N.Y - It’s an event that Americans have waited 11-years who finally witness. The silver spire topping one world trade center is now fully installed on the building's roof. That brings the iconic structure to its full, symbolic height of 1,776 feet.

Jim Petery is from Webster and he was in New York City visiting his son who lives in Connecticut. Petery says that they had heard the crowning of the building was today.

“We were surprised to hear that today was the day that they were putting the final cap of the communications tower. The last 75’ of the tower were brought up by crane and installed and made the building the tallest building in the United States. ”

He says that it was exciting and very moving to witness the event.

 “It’s awesome to realize that this building is now getting its final topping. It still has a lot of work to be done and needs a lot of work. It’s a beautiful building and just to have it being restored and now having the full height of the building is exciting for everybody.”

Pieces of the 758 ton spire were transported to the roof of the building last week.

The 408-foot spire will serve as a world-class broadcast antenna. A LED powered light emanating from it will be seen from miles away.

Petery says that seeing the tower is remarkable tribute to those that lost their lives on 9-11.

“I think that this is a fantastic accomplishment; one of which they have placed a very nice balance between those that lost their lives but yet still show we’re rebuilding. To go on with something new but at the same time remembering those that lost their lives with the memorial pools and the museum that’s under construction I think it is a great tribute. ”

The new tower is at the northwest corner of the world trade center site, which is well on its way to reconstruction. The spire marks the completion of the exterior work of the building which is expected to open for business sometime in 2014.

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