13WHAM: Joseph LaRocca, 63, said it was all a misunderstanding.

According to LaRocca, he never pretended to be a police officer. But Gates Police said when an officer responded to LaRocca’s home in Gates Friday night for a family dispute, LaRocca pulled out his wallet and flashed a fake police badge.

LaRocca said he does have a police patch in his wallet, but he said it doesn’t look real and he denied using it to impersonate a police officer.

He said he told the officer it was for security reasons because he makes deliveries and says having the police badge is a “deterrent.”

But in a police report, the Gates Police Officer said that LaRocca showed him the badge and said: “I’m an undercover police officer…I’m a cop just like you.”

When he was questioned by the officer about this, LaRocca denied showing the officer the badge or identifying himself as a police officer.