Rochester, N.Y. - A former employee at the University of Rochester has pleaded guilty to money laundering in Federal Court.

Federal prosecutors say 53-year-old Debra Bulter was convicted of engaging in two separate schemes that stole money.

The former Program Administrator for the Department of Anesthesiology  diverted $3.9 million from both the U of R and the practice of two un-named doctors.

Bolter stole at least $1.4 million from the U of R for anesthesia services not rendered by the two doctors.

In a second scheme, Bolter had set up a second business that provided administrative services to the medical practice of the anesthesiologists. In that role she had diverted $1.9 million from the un-named medical practice of around 20 other doctors into the pockets of the other doctors.

In the schemes Bolter made $1.1 million.

She is scheduled to be sentenced in November.