(13WHAM) Irondequoit, N.Y. – Father Thomas Rosica, a Rochester native, was assistant spokesperson for the Vatican during the transitional time of Pope Benedict’s resignation through the Inaugural Mass of Pope Francis.

Father Tom grew up in Rochester and attended St. Ambrose Church in Irondequoit. On Saturday, Father Tom spoke to the congregation of St. Ambrose reflecting on his time in Rome.

“When I was called to Rome, the day after Pope Benedict's resignation I knew we were entering something big I had no idea the magnitude of it,” said Father Tom. “I knew that we were covering immense moments in history, great transitions, a transition of a pope, there was no funeral atmosphere that was taking place, the cardinals coming to Rome, the departure of the Pope from the Vatican, and I realized the world was there.”

Church parishioners, some like Peter Pellittieri, listened closely to Father Tom’s words, honored to hear him speak of his time at the conclave.

“To see the young fellow that I knew when he first grew up, I’ve known his parents for years, he's been here to say mass for us on occasion,” said Pellittieri, “but then to see him on TV out there in front of the world with millions upon millions listening to him, it was just a thrill.”

“My roots are here, I've never forgotten about this place,” said Father Tom, when asked about St. Ambrose.

Father Tom’s priesthood took place at St. Ambrose 27 years ago.