Rochester, NY – In an announcement made on WHAM 1180 Tuesday Morning, organizer John Hutchins says that the East End Music Festival is on.

This year there will be only be one event this summer Friday, June 14th from 5 PM until 11 PM in the city’s east end.  In previous years there had been three; it was reduced to one to satisfy the concerns of neighbors, business owners and the city.  

Hutchins calls the one day event a meeting in the middle but hopes to restore the two other days in the years to come. “We do think it is a good thing for the neighborhood and we do think it brings a lot of people down and contributes to the neighborhood. We have prided ourselves of leaving the neighborhood cleaner than we found it.”

Hutchins says the event will roll on despite the weather. "Rain or shine has been our motto so we are going to roll forward and hope that it’s not too bad that it’s going to deter anyone from coming out to the one event this year.”

In the winter the city passed an ordinance that disallowed any event that charged an admission to block the city sidewalks. This year there will be a fence that will go up to keep them clear to pedestrian traffic. The streets will be closed to vehicle traffic as they have been in years past.

The event will feature four stages and several local bands.