Note: Chalres joined Chet Walker this morning and says he started a peition to allow next of kin access to a deceased family member's Facebook account.

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13WHAM News:(WAYNE COUNTY, N.Y.) - It's been an emotional day for Charles Wachal as he laid his wife to rest Saturday.

Shannon Wachal, 26, died on Valentine's Day of a genetic disorder called Neurofibromatosis Type 2. She was also deaf.

She left behind videos, personal messages, for her husband and daughter that she stored on her Facebook account.

But when her husband Charles tried to access them, the account was locked in a memorialized state.

Facebook has been trying to work with Charles and since Friday, he has been waiting for a response. When he finally heard from them, it wasn't the news he was expecting. Facebook said his wife Shannon did not have any additional videos set to private.

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