Rochester N.Y.-Carestream Health and the Buffalo Bills have entered into a collaboration focusing on the early detection of traumatic brain injuries.

Carestream is a Rochester-based company that produces high-tech X-ray and medical scanning equipment. Their agreement with the Bills will help them develop advanced medical imaging technology designed to detect brain injury earlier than currently possible.

Brain damage from concussion and head injury has become a major concern in sports medicine. Doctors, teams and sports leagues are looking for answers on how badly athletes have been affected by concussion, when an athlete can return to play after suffering a concussion, and whether an athlete might be subject to long-term health problems. Carestream has installed the latest brain imaging system at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Team doctors and trainers will have immediate access to those scans to help them decide if players can go back into a game after taking a hit...or sit out...or if they need treatment fast.

What Carestream learns from using the equipment in the real world will also someday help people who suffer Traumatic Brain Injury or concussion in accidents or on the battlefield as well.