Rochester, N.Y. - From the beginning city officials said that Columbia Pictures, the movie production company behind the amazing Spiderman project, was going to provide an economic boost to the region. Some of the business owners along Main Street were able to work out deals to provide food for the crew as they worked.


Arnold Casselburry is the owner of Hot Rosita’s and he says that for his Mexican style restaurant there is way more upside to hosting a major motion picture crew. “It’s going to be very good for us,” Casselburry says. “We are going to be doing some catering for them for at least 100 people. As far as Main Street being closed we are going to be opening up in the back of the building which will attract the business from the others coming to watch.”


Casselburry, eager to capitalize on an opportunity, says he has approached the onsite directors about the possibility of getting some expanded exposure. “I’m hoping that are sign is going to be in the actual Spiderman movie, which would be really cool for us, not that it would actually do anything. It would just be awesome to see.”


The original crew that came and explored Rochester's downtown for the chase scene told city officials that they want to incorporate part of Rochester's Main Street into the film.


For the president of Shirley' Island Cuisine, Shirley Carter is expecting on having some of the 300-member crew visiting her Jamaican restaurant. “I don’t see it upsetting business too much because they are going to be supporting us while they are here.” She says that her focus is not really on the film crew, but more the local people that are going to be making their way downtown to catch a glimpse of the filming.


The same idea was echoed by the co-owner of galleria pizza Tony Natalie. “We have a lot of people in the building here so if we are not able to get onto main we can just stay in our place.”


He says that despite the optimism he really does not know what to expect. “This is a unique circumstance that we have never dealt with before, but we are hopeful that we are going to increase our traffic.”


The action sequences will be shot on Main Street between South Plymouth Avenue and East Avenue. That stretch of Main Street will be closed periodically each day from six in the morning until nine each evening. Officials say that the filming could go as late as May 9.


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