(13WHAM)Rochester, N.Y. -- More evidence has been released that links a Rochester woman to guns that were used to kill two west Webster firefighters on Christmas Eve.

Lawyers for Dawn Nguyen want to have some of the charges and some of the evidence against her dismissed.

The evidence is contained in 4,000 pages of documents including phone records and texts

Members of the West Webster fire department have been in court.

At least one witness is expected to say Nugyen was a habitual marijuana user who was likely high the day she purchased the guns. The guns were used by William Spengler in the December 2012 shooting.

A clerk from Gander Mountain is expected to testify that he sold her the gun and that Spengler was there with her at the time.

The judge heard arguments but reserved a decision.

There is no plea deal in the works. The defense attorney says they have not asked for one, and plan to take this case to trial.