(13WHAM) Wayne County N.Y.-A court appearance for a Rochester man who is accused of killing a Wayne County mother and daughter. Dante Taylor is accused of killing the women during a burglary attempt when they went to the home on State Route 14 to look after a neighbor's cat. He was indicted on eight counts including first degree murder, arson and burglary.

Coming into Wayne County Court Wednesday, Taylor was surrounded by extra security including three police details. District Attorney Rick Healy says twice in his past Taylor was charged with attempted escape.

Police say Taylor was in the process of stealing a laptop, printer and booze from the home in Sodus July 14 when he was confronted by Terri Moulton and her daughter Stacey. DA Healey says medical evidence shows the women likely died instantly after being stabbed to death with a knife taken from the dining room.

Their bodies were found lying on top of each other.

Taylor is also accused of setting eight small fires, including igniting the clothing of one of the deceased women, all in an attempt to cover up the crime.

Taylor is being held without bail. The case against him is being built on circumstantial evidence and lab tests that may also link him to the crime scene through DNA.